Monday, October 25, 2010

Felicia, A Chocobo, and BRD

I spent half the weekend with my girlfriend doing nerdy things (the other half was spent doing things to counter said nerdy things). One of those things was watching Dr Horribles Sing Along Blog.  Felicia Day, star of the webseries The Guild was in it. 

Shes sexy in a geek way.  I'd love to see her in bigger roles and see what she can do with them.  The way this world is shaping up, she may be a major force in entertainment within a few months. 

Dual speccing is now only 100g.  There's no reason for anyone NOT to dual spec.  I love it because it lets my healing toons also have a levelling spec.  Or a pvp spec. Shame the heirlooms don't automatically switch attributes as well depending on the spec you're playing, but you can't have everything.

The boss that drops the raven mount in Heroic: Setthek Halls no longer requires a druid to be summoned.  You walk in the instance, and 4 minutes later you'll hit his room.  Most lvl 80's that aren't squishy should be able to solo him.  Me being a shadowpriest, I can't.  I've been getting help from DK buddies to 2-man it.

At Blizzcon, it was announced that a few of the old world instances will be drastically changed.  They'll be cutting the instances into pieces, removing certain wings, and even splitting them up into several winged instances.  If you've never done Maraudon, Sunken Temple, or Uldaman, you may want to get a move on and clean them out so you can appreciate the changes when they do finally come around.  I know I seriously hated Wailing Caverns.  I'd get all the way to the maze, miss my freaking jumps, go around and do it again, and then when I thought I cleared it, I had to go back and summon a Murloc. Oh and yeah, also make a detour to the left because there's a boss somewhere else over there. 

Oh, and Blackrock Depths now gets teleporters, like ICC.  About time.  Quite frankly, that place needs a tourguide, big arrows on the walls telling you where to go, and a "summon your friends to you" button.

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  1. That chick is cute if it weren't for those mad magazine teeth.