Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm playing less WoW

I’m playing less and less WoW.  Hell, most of the guild has been playing less and less WoW. I log in sometimes and see maybe 4 peeps online at night.  It’s still a good guild, but the game just doesn’t quite grab me anymore. 
I can’t really say I remember a reason for leaving Org lately.  Archeology?  BORING.  That’s forced, just to actually get out and dig a hole somewhere, hoping one day in a few months I’ll finally get around to getting something worth something.
Instances?  I can port to them now.  Everyone not looking for digsites or farming ore and flowers just sits in a capital city waiting for their BG or Arena or Dungeon queue to pop.  Oh unless they’re doing dailies, which to me is maybe the most boring aspect of the game.  The same fucking quests you NEED to do so you can get the gear you need in order to raid. And even then, say you’re doing your Tol Barad dailies because you own it, TB isn’t a PvP zone, like Wintergrasp was.  So you can’t randomly run into flagged sukkaz and start a mini war right then and there.  World PvP isn’t what it used to be because nobodys really out there, and if they are, they’re just like me – flying way above the world until they get to where they need to be, land, do their thing, and dragon themselves away.
Raids?  I can get summoned to them my eager helpful guildies.  And even if I can’t, it’s a port, and a straight flight high over anything else.  Maybe its just me, but I am not motivated enough to spend time learning bossfights right now, much less REALLY learning them so I can lead a raid.  If I knew someone was leading a raid and I could settle in and just heal I think that’d be bad ass, but that doesn’t happen in my guild.  Hell, yesterday I got asked to heal a BH, and a minute later I realize I’ve been passed leads and was expected to move peeps into groups and handle the master looting.  So much for just sitting back, healing some bars, and being mindless.
Leveling? I may hit that up.  I was waiting for my chick to level up my Shaman and my Hunter, but she kinda stopped logging in.  So I may powerlevel those basterds up and maybe find a fresh new love with a new toon.  Maybe being a squishy healer has burned me out.
The new Guild Goals thing in 4.1 looks interesting.  Plus free extra shit for tanks and sometimes healers also may be cool.  I really want to enjoy the game, kill some raid bosses, get 2200 arena rating, get that Scorpion Mount, and 500,000g.  I think setting goals will help bring back some kind of spark.  Which means getting exalted with Unforgiving.
Which means Dailies & Guild instances.

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